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Comcast Special Deals For New Customers

If you’re media-savvy, you probably already know that Comcast is a company that supplies cable services. These services include: HD TV with on-demand content (like movies and music videos); fast Internet (better than DSL); and unlimited phone services. This article focuses on special Comcast cable deals that are offered to new customers.

Like any smart company, Comcast is aware that the key to success is to attract new customers. That’s why they’re always offering special deals to hook them in. Don’t be fooled by their ads that say “limited offer, offer expires on such-and-such a date.” You don’t have to hurry. As soon as the current offer expires, they’ll come out with another one that may be even better.

Even if you’re not really a new customer, you can still benefit from their special deals. For instance, if you happen to be moving, you can sign up for Comcast using your spouse’s name. This is one of the small side benefits of moving.

Comcast new customer specials are more-or-less clones of each other. You only get the deal if you sign up for the “triple play,” which includes the full range of services: HD TV, Internet, and phone. The reason for this is clear: Comcast wants you to sign up for as many of their services as they can. So you should think twice about signing up for the new offer if you’re really only interested in the Internet and phone services. You might pay less the first couple of months, but over the long haul you’ll lose money.

Just like any other special offer, there is the fine print. It is true that you get cash back, plus lower rates for the first couple of months. But although they claim equipment is free, in fact they don’t pay for the converter or Cable Card that may be needed for certain cable services. They also don’t quote the tax, or the activation fee that you may have to pay to start the phone service.

If you use a little psychology, you’ll see that Comcast is a company that you can negotiate with. Since they cut rates so much for new customers, it stands to reason that they’ll also cut rates for old customers to keep from losing them. If you’re with Comcast already, next time your service contract expires call them and tell them that you’re going to terminate. The special Comcast cable deals for new customers should tip you off to the fact that Comcast should be open to negotiation. Whenever your service contract is up, call them and tell them that you’re going to switch to a new provider. They’ll probably give you a deal almost as good as the Comcast cable deals for new customers.